Dr. Sunil Misra

Working as scientist in the Applied biology division of CSIR-IICT since 2005 mainly focused on investigating the Cytotoxicity and Cytogenetic toxicity of novel natural and synthetic compounds on the normal mammalian cells both on in vitro and in vivo models. Chemical substances can be hazardous to health, where most of the times some of these chemicals are proven to be toxic on human health and therefore it is imperative to detect their safety information before they show large-scale damages. The principle of genotoxicity testing is to identify the DNA damage in the form of gene mutation, structural chromosomal aberration, recombination, and numerical changes.  If chemicals are identified to produce significant DNA damages in the germ cells, there is every possibility for these genetic effects to transmit into next generation through defective gametes or the damages in somatic cells of the body which can be malignant subsequently. Therefore, it is very much essential to screen genotoxicity of compounds that help in predicting the carcinogenic and mutagenic properties.