Dr. Amitava Das

Das Lab works on understanding the molecular cues in Stem Cells for developing regenerative therapies. Dr. Das' group has successfully developed strategies to isolate adult stem cells from various murine tissue sources (bone marrow. etc.) and understand their basic regulation at the level of -epigenetic and stress-mediated responses. They have developed pre-clinical murine models to accelerate autologous/allogenic bone marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells-mediated skin tissue regeneration in the acute (non-diabetic) and chronic (diabetic) wounds. They extensively utilize "Stem Cell Gene Therapy" -approach for improving recruitment, homing, engraftment, re-epithelialization and vascularity during organ/tissue regeneration namely, liver, skin, etc. Dr. Das' and his colloborator's group have been granted with a US patent on their technology of "Porous Polymer Scaffold Useful For Tissue Engineering In Stem Cell Transplantation". His group also focuses on molecular signal transduction and transcriptional regulation of target genes that modulate Cancer Stem Cell -generation via EMT, chemoresistance, metastasis and identify druggable molecular targets. They also identify the potential small molecules and biological macromolecules as novel therapeutics against Cancer and Liver Fibrosis. Dr. Das' group not only uses molecular biology and cell biology tools for understanding the molecular mechanism of actions and basic biology of Stem Cells but has also developed pre-clinical models to test the proof-of-concept as well as fostered national and international collaborations with clinicians for taking his technologies and findings see the 'light of the day' in future.