Dr. Manika Pal Bhadra

Pioneer contributor for identifying the mechanism of “Cosuppression and RNAi Technology” in animal system. Wellcome Trust International Fellow for the year 2005. Recipient of several prestigious awards in recognition of academic excellence like Nasi Reliance-2012, IICT Best Women Scientist-2012, IICT Roll of Honour-2007 and Young Scientist Award-1991. Currently serving as Chair for the Division of Applied Biology, CSIR-IICT. Track record of publications in leading journals of international repute (Cell, Science, Molecular Cell, Gene, Nature Genetics, Nanotechnology, FASEB,  etc. in the areas of RNAi & Epigenetic, Nanotechnology and Drug discovery).  Till date, mentored about fifty Masters and 14 PhD students.  Played a crucial role in developing the Chemical Biology Department at IICT. Long range interest is to develop effective and novel therapies to treat disease such as cancer.