Dr. John Mondal

Dr. John Mondal, joined in Catalysis & Fine Chemicals Division at CSIR-IndianInstitute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad as a Scientist in 2015 after receiving Ph.D in Chemistry from Indian Association for the Cultivation ofScience (IACS), Kolkata in 2013 with Prof. Asim Bhaumik followed by a postdoctoral research fellowship at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2013-2015) with Prof. Yanli Zhao. His present research work is mainly focused on the design and development of novel porousorganic polymers (POPs) and N-dopedcarbon as derived from Metal-Organic-Frameworks (MOFs) based catalytic reactorin biomass conversion, bio-fuelupgrading and size and morphology controlled nanocatalysis towards green & sustainable chemistry. He is also interested to develop high-performance phosphide and sulfide based water splitting photoelectrocatalystas derived from MOFs in H2 production from pure water and solardrivenreforming of lignocellulose to H2 in energy innovations and conversion. Dr. Mondal is the recipient of various prestigious awards including the CSIR Young Scientist Award (2019), National Academyof Sciences (NASI), India-Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award in Chemical Sciences (2018), , TelanganaAcademy of Sciences (TAS) Young ScientistAward in Chemical Sciences (2016), DST-INSPIRE Faculty Research Award in Chemical Sciences (2015) along with theother fellowships and honours including NTU-Singapore (2013), JUAN DE LACIERVA Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2015)in Spain.