Dr. Pravin R. Likhar

Dr. Pravin R. Likhar is working as a Chief Scientist and Chair in Catalysis and Fine Chemicals Department. His area of interest includes Development of heterogeneous catalysts for industrially important catalytic processes; Development of new ligands including chiral ligands for homogeneous catalysis; Catalytic synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and Catalytic asymmetric synthesis; Metallocycles and their catalytic and biological applications. Process development for fine/bulk chemicals and APIs. His association with process development and technology transfer includes: TPP, Malononitrile, PTBT, PTBBA.

He has 65 publications and 8 patents to his credit.  He has guided 6 students for Ph.D and presently working: 5, M.Sc./M.Tech. dissertation: 5, Foreign students under exchange/collaboration program: 2.

Dr. Likhar is awarded with National Technology Development Board Award (2020-2021); CSIR Technology Awards for Physical Sciences including engineering (2017-2018); CSIR Technology Awards - Certificate of Merit, Technology Under Physical Sciences  Including Engineering (2015-2016), CSIR-Foundation Day Award (1999-2000), ‘CHIRAL START’ Fellowship Award (2002, Austrian Science Foundation, Govt. of Austria), Member of Bureau of Indian Standard, New Delhi, Member of Chemical Research Society of India, Bengaluru.


Chief Scientist & Professor (AcSIR)


Chair, Dept. of Catalysis & Fine Chemicals

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