Dr. A. Gangagni Rao

Dr. Rao is an expert in the area of waste management. Dr. Rao is specialized in the field of biomethanation (anaerobic digestion) and biological gas purification.He has 28 years of experience in this area and handled variety of projects related to the treatment of wastewater, sewage, MSW, food waste, poultry litter, cattle manure, biogas purification, industrial emissions etc. 

Dr.Raohas indigenously developed novel high rate anaerobic wastewater treatment processes such as UASB and AFFRapplicable for Indian industrial complex organic liquid effluents and executed full scale high rate biomethanation plants based on UASB technology for the generation of biogas based power from spent wash (distillery effluent), pre-hydrolysate liquor (rayon grade pulp mill effluent), spent wash, maize effluents, bulk drub wastewaters, pharma effluents, composite wastewaters etc. Novel sulfide inhibition control technology and CO2based acidification systems developed by him are implemented in industry for retrofitting dormant full-scale anaerobic plants. 

Dr. Rao extensively worked on high rate biomethanation and patented two high rate biomethanation technologies for the treatment of organic solid waste known as Self Mixed Anaerobic Digester (SMAD)and Anaerobic Gas lift Reactor (AGR). 17 Commercial plants based on AGR Technology are working in India for the treatment of food waste, OFMSW etc. Dr. Rao developed & patented another technology called “BIOFILTER” for the purification of waste and off gases emanating from industry. Full-scale plants based on BIOFILTER are working at M/s SAA Tannery at Erode, TN, M/s Flemings Labs, Hyderabad and M/s Kondapally CETP, Vijayawada. Apart from his prime expertise in biomethanation for biogas and biomanure generation, he is also working on lake cleaning activity by removing the water hyacinth filled in the lakes followed by the conversion of water hyacinth to organic manure through “Accelerated Anaerobic Composting (AAC)”.

Dr. Rao was engaged as International Consultant-Bioenergy by UNDP-Egypt due to his specialized expertise in this area. Major companies such as M/s Ahuja Engineering Services Private Limited (AESPL), Secunderabad, M/s Fenix Process Technologies Private Limited (FPTPL), Pune and M/s Rhodia Energy Services, France also took him as advisory consultant-biogas generation and purification, because of his extensive knowledge base in this area. 

Dr. Rao published about 50 research papers in International Journals, 5 chapters in books, 10 review articles and he has four patents to his credit.He has served as Member -Expert group for undertaking a scoping study of DISTILLERY INDUSTRY under GREEN CHEMISTRY initiatives Constituted Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) to the Government of India, Member, Consent for Establishment (CFE), Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB), Amaravathi, Member, Environmental Audit and Research Advisory Group, Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB), Amaravathi. As a member of CFE in APPCB, he is instrumental in giving CFE for number industries that are being established throughout AP. Member, Technical Committee on Biogas, “Bioenergy Advisory Committee (BAC)” constituted by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India under the chairmanship of Secretary.In recognition of his work, he was bestowed with numerous national and International awards in the area of environmental engineering and management.