K.N. Prasanna Rani

Dr. K.N.Prasanna Rani has been working in Lipid Science & Technology area for 20 years. For past 15 years, she has been working on process development in lipid processing. Her research expertise is in the areas of upscaling of oleochemicals, processing of oils and fats including supercritical carbondioxide extraction, hydrogenation and interesterification of vegetable oils.  She has extensively worked on supercritical extraction of PUFA rich oils such as linseeds, safflower etc.  She has won about 8 awards. She has about 20 publications in national and international journals, 6 patents. She has guided about 22 students of M Tech, B. Tech and Diploma in Chemical Engineering for their dissertation. She is one of the Associate Editor of “Journal of Lipid Science and Technology”.