Dr. K. Nagaiah

Dr K Nagaiah, born in 1966, completed his Primary to Degree education in Mahabubnagar, M.Sc. in Hyderabad and joined for a PhD programme (Title of Thesis: Chemical investigation of some indigenous medicinal plants and synthesis of some oxygen Heterocyclic compounds; Research Supervisor: Prof. G. Srimannarayana, work was carried out at Natural Product Division, Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad.  Dr K Nagaiah is one the pre-eminent natural product organic chemist of India who can handle the isolation, characterization, synthesis of architecturally and sterochemically challenging complex molecules with remarkable ease. Another noteworthy contribution of novel organic chiral synthesis of complex natural products of marine and plant origin by using Metal (Pt. Pd, Rh, Ru) organic chiral complexes as main reagents. The natural  product synthesized  include  Herbarumin-I, Decytospalides A, B,  Aspergillide, Rubrenolide, Rubrynolide, (S,S)-palythazine, Galantinic acid, crypyophycin-24 (Arenastatin A), Phorboxazole-A and first total synthesis of (S)-clavulazine, leiocarpin A, Oplopandol, etc.,

His basic research on new methodology developed involving synthesis and anti-proliferative activity studies of tetrahydrochromeno [4.3-b] quinolines were tested against MDA -MB-231and MCF-7 breast cancer cell lines, This work is highlighted in "Chem. Rev." 2011, 111,7157-7259 another reported on transition-metal-catalyzed cross-couplings through carbene migratory insertion reaction represents a rare example in which the C(sp2)−O bond is constructed via carbine coupling strategy highlighted “ Chem. Rev”  2017,117,(23)13810-13889.

Dr. Nagaiah has also carried out several industrial projects with International companies like Glaxo SmithKline, UK; ArQule, USA; Dupont, USA; Evolva, Singapore and Indigenous companies like Cipla, Sai Life sciences, Sami labs Ltd., Dolphin Laboratories, Laurus labs and Nisarg Bio. Sci. Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad etc., resulted both in quality chemistry and revenues to CSIR-IICT. In addition to industrial contributions, he is also working as a referee for various national and international journals in peer reviewing process. He was established his research on natural products isolation, structure determination and bioactivity. This includes biomarker studies of the active herbal based plants active principles used in AYUSH single drugs, which provide leads for further generation of new herbal drugs. 

This study gives a unique opportunity to explore plants of biodiversity of India to bring new plant based drugs so that to serve the society in a better way. Apart from this, he has fair knowledge on utility of our natural forest resources, such as practical use of Neem /Pongamia/Custard apple/ Vitex negundo as environmentally safe botanical pesticides. 

Dr Nagaiah is one of the most productive scientists who made outstanding contributions in chemistry and Natural Product. Promoted science in applied and basic research in India and aboard by getting sponsored projects and delivered key note/ invited lectures in National and International forum. He has trained a number of students (14 PhD’s awarded) and published 115 papers. He impressed the need to update chemistry syllabus and teaching useful to understand contemporary development of science and technology. Such knowledge is useful when the students to take up jobs as teachers, research scholar's, drug industries, and as administrators in Govt. and private sector. He is as recognized PhD guide in Chemistry from various Universities such as Osmania University, Kakatiya University, Acharya Nargarujana University-Guntur, Sri Krishna Devaraya University-Anantapur,  JNTUH-Hyderabad, and also AcSIR-New Delhi.