G.A. Raju

             IT professional (Scientist), with 30 years of leading research institute expertise in CSIR-IICT Datacentre (Computer center) to spearhead technological integration to optimize the operations of servers, high-speed networks, and HPC clusters. Thorough understanding of switching architecture (Core, Distribution and Access layer) implementation on wired and wireless networks, implementation of software and hardware-based firewalls, surveillance networks, multimedia, videoconferencing, access control and network security.

             Strength in Linux/Windows operating systems, open-source customization, virtualization technologies, directory servers, web portals/servers, databases, storage networks (SAN, NAS, and DAS), HPC clusters, server networks, security technologies, knowledge of data center design and maintenance. An acquaintance of communication protocols and routing protocols, familiarity in spanning-tree Protocol, ability to create a loop-free topology for institute networks, specialized in supporting popular Network brand architectures with technical competency in supporting of switching, routing, load-balancing, endpoint protection, log analysis, reporting, VPN, NMS monitoring tools.

Core Competencies 

  • Backup & Recovery
  • Data Center Management & Operation
  • Databases
  • Digitization
  • Facility Management (FM)
  • Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP)
  • Linux System Administration
  • Network Design & Administration
  • Network Security
  • Risk Management
  • Server Administration
  • Team Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Virtualization
  • Windows Server
  • Wireless Networking


G. A. Raju
Chief Scientist
CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT)
Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India
Tarnaka, Hyderabad 500007
Tel: 040-27193310, 27191304 
Email: gude.iict@csiriict.in, gude.iict@gov.in