Dr. Rajesh Chandra
Dr. Rajesh Chandra obtained his Ph. D. in organic chemistry working under the guidance of Dr. G. Vijay Nair at Regional Research Laboratory, Trivandrum, Kerala in 2002. Subsequently he carried out post-doctoral studies in University of Pennsylvania, USA in Dr. Jeffrey Winkler’s group where he was involved in the development of a catalytic vancomycin antibiotic with activity against vancomycin resistant enterococci (VRE). He was also involved in the total synthesis of natural products using vinylogous amide photocycloaddition. In 2004, he moved to School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania where his studies were focused on the development of novel diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals, especially for the central nervous system imaging and cardiac imaging. Two of the imaging agents he worked on are currently in clinical trials. He joined Organic Chemistry Division–II, IICT as a QRS Fellow in December 2009, and became Senior Scientist in March 2011. Currently he is working in the capacity of Principal Scientist. His broad research areas of interest are organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry. In organic chemistry, organocatlytic enantioselective transformations is the area he is mostly involved in. In additon his organic chemistry interest spans total synthesis and procees chemistry as well. In medicinal chemistry area, he focusses on dvelopment of novel thrapeutic strategies for the CNS disoders, especially Azheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Development of HDAC inhibitors for non-cancer application is another area of his reserach activities.