Dr. Bathini Nagendra Babu

Dr. Bathini Nagendra Babu has completed B.Sc and M.Sc from Osmania University, Hyderabad. He obtained PhD in synthetic organic chemistry from CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad (formal degree awarded by Osmania University) under the guidance of Dr Srivari Chandrasekahar, in 2006. Thereafter, he went abroad for Postdoctoral Studies at Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Bethasda, & collaboration with United States Department of Agriculture–Agriculture Research Services (USDA-ARS), Beltsville-MD, USA (2006 – 2009).  In 2009, he joined as an Assistant Professor, then after promoted as Associate Professor in 2016, Department of Medicinal Chemistry at NIPER-Hyderabad and expertise in teaching like organic reaction mechanism, organometallics, asymmetric synthesis, and synthetic planning as well as synthesis of complex molecules. In 2016, he moved to CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology as Senior Scientist. Since 2009, as independent researcher he dwelt into multi-disciplinary research problems in Synthetic Orgnic Chemistry ranging from the development of synthetic methodologies to the synthesis of complex natural product / its analogues reflects a high order of conceptual originality and experimental excellence. Presently, involved in popularization of Pheromone Application Technology [PAT] as Eco-Friendly sustainable crop protection tool and also handling several Industrial/ govt. sponsored projects. He is actively involved in producing highly skilled human resource as PhD/Master thesis  supervisor and also under skill development programme. At present, 6 Ph.D students are working for their Doctoral Research and 2 MS (Pharm) students are working for their dissertation. From his research group 4 PhDs and  more than 50 masters students (one year projects) were successfully completed their dissertations. He has filed 4 patents and published 65 articles in National and International journals and some of the work is at different stages of manuscript preparation. Dr. Nagendra Babu was recipient of one of prestigious Award OPPI Young Scientist – 2012, Best Faculty Award - 2016 and Director's Special Appreciation Award 2016-17.