Dr. Bathula Surendar Reddy

I am an interdisciplinary scientist and use chemistry as a tool to probe biological systems with a deep insight into cancer biology. At present at CSIR-IICT my lab is pursuing research in three different areas (siRNA/Gene delivery, Anticancer screening & target identification and Development of new synthetic methods) with an objective to develop new targeted therapies for cancer. Based on molecular hybridization phenomenon we have devised a new concept called lipidation which facilitates the development of novel lipidated natural product hybrids with diverse biological activities. Recently we have developed novel lapidated benzamides and cardioramides as new class of selective human DNA ligase-I inhibitors which possess both selective anti proliferative activity and siRNA transfection ability. I have deep passion for organic chemistry synthesis, perusing medicinal chemistry studies and practicing related biology especially, cancer biology studies. Primary requirement of the post code-16 is to work in the area of drug discovery programs and an integrated approach including all my expertise is hallmark necessity and I possess precisely the same.