Dr. S. Raghavan
Obtained Ph.D working with Prof. G. S. R. Subba Rao from I.I.Sc working on the synthesis of morellin a polyisoprenylated xanthone. Did post-doctoral research at SUNBOR, Kyoto under the gudance of Dr. Y. Ohfune on the synthesis of conformationally constrained glutamic acids from Aug 1990-March 92. Subsequently did another post-doctoral work under Prof. Hanessian at the University of Montreal on a prototype renin inhibitor from March 92-March 1994. Joined Hoechst India in May 1994 as Principal Research Scientist and preapared compounds possessing anti-inflammatory activity. In July 1996 quit Hoechst and joined IICT as a Fellow under QRS Scheme and have been here since.