Dr. H.M. Sampath Kumar
  • Obtained  M.Sc(BioOrganic Chemistry) from Gulbarga  University(1986) and PhD (Bioorganic Chemistry) from Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad(1995)/Osmania Univeristy. 
  • Worked as Alexander von Humboldt guest researcher at  Fredrick Alexander Univerisity, Erlangen , Germany (2019) on anticancer hybrid drugs.
  • Earlier he worked in Max Planck Institute of Dortmund as Alexander von Humboldt Fellow  in  the area of gene therapy(2000).
  • Worked on agrochemical and pharmaceutical technology  development and his sustained efforts led to the development of cost effective process know how for important drugs such as Sulbactam and agrochemicals like Lambda Cyhalothrin, Cypermethrin  which are commercialized in India based on CSIR-IICT technology.  
  • Developed novel skin care hybrid molecules and worked on major collaborative projects with P&G and Colgate-Palmolive,  on oral and skin care product
  • Worked on the development and plant based novel Vaccine adjuvants (Bharat Biotech Intl  Ltd.)
  • Had been the Chairman of Synthetic and biological chemistry division(presently medicinal chemistry and chemical biology department) at CSIR-IIIM 2007 - 2009.) At CSIR-IICT,
  • Focus of current research ;  development of, novel small molecule immunomodulators, vaccine(Th1) adjuvants, peptide epitope based synthetic vaccines
  •  Topics of his interest include, minimum cosmeceuticals employing hybrid skin care technologies. Medicinal Chemistry and drug design, ,