Dr. Sutapa Ghosh

Dr. Sutapa Ghosh is working as Principle Scientist in Polymers & Functional Materials Division.  Her research interests are on specialty polymers, nanomaterials and nanocomposites with new understanding on fundamentals and technology for developing self assembled structures, morphologically evolved interface and multifunctional materials for energy storage (supercapacitors), solid polymer electrolyte, adhesives and biodegradable packaging by tailoring the formulations and chemical structure of materials to exquisitely control materials properties using extensive experience in polymer synthesis, nanomaterial & nanocomposite synthesis and molecular modeling. She completed several research projects viz. Clay based Nanocomposites for Biodegradable Food Packaging (DBT), Conducting Adhesives (DST), Polymer Nanocomposite based Solid Polymer Electrolyte for Battery and Solar Cell (DST), Graphene Composites for Energy storage (CSIR and DST), Synthesis of  Stereoregular Polymer using metallocene catalyst  (DAE), Polymeric Scaffolds for proliferation of Adipose Derived Stem Cells (Global Hospital, Hyd).  She has published her scientific work in high impact journals (more than 50) and guided 8 PhD scholars and 20 dissertation students,  among them four scholar awarded PhD so far. Dr. Ghosh has been awarded with AIST Fellowship (JAPAN) in 2007, Boyscast Fellowship (DST) in 2008-2009, ALA Fellowship (Australia) in 2010, Raman Fellowship (CSIR) in 2013.