Dr. L. Giribabu

Work Experience

I have more than TWENTY FIVE (25) years of research experience in the area of materials chemistry that includes Excitonic Solar Cells (Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells / Perovskite Solar Cells), Non-Linear Optics and Donor-Acceptor systems for bio-mimicking natural photosynthesis. I had obtained my Master’s degree in bio-inorganic chemistry from Andhra University and Ph.d degree from University of Hyderabad, India. My thesis, supervised by late Prof. B. G. Maiya, dealt with excitational energy transfer and photoinduced electron transfer reactions in axially and/or peripherally substituted porphyrin based donor-acceptor systems to understand initial events of natural photosynthesis. I had spent about six months as a post-doctoral fellow (Now at Flinders University, Adelide, Australia) at Central Queens Land University, Rockhampton, Australia in the area of photoinduced reactions in Porphyrin-Alicylic compounds. From February 2001 to July 2003, I was associated with Prof. Karl M. Kadish as a post-doctoral fellow at University of Houston, USA in the area of bi-metallic (di-Rhodium & di-Ruthenium) complexes synthesis, crystal analysis and electrochemical studies. I moved to CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology – Hyderabad, India in September 2003 as Ad-hoc Scientist, Scientist, Senior Scientist and now as Principal Scientist where our group involved in establishing third generation photovoltaic facilities that includes development of low-cost efficiency materials (Sensitizers, Redox Couples, Semi-Conducting Oxide Materials, Electrode Materials, Hole Transporting Materials etc.) and also device fabrication. In addition to this our group also working in the area of Donor-Acceptor systems for bio-mimicking natural photosynthes, sensitizers for photodynamic therapy, and materials for non-linear optical studies.