Dr. J. Vatsala Rani

Dr. J.Vatsala rani, PhD in Electrochemistry, started her research carrier as Research Associate  at  DRDL, Hyderabad in the year 1997.  At DRDL  generated, qualification and acceptance test plans for rechargeable and primary reserve batteries  for  defemce applications. In 2002  joined inCSIR-CECRI, Tamilnadu and contributed towards development  and testing of  novel electrode materials for primary and secondary alkaline batteries. Moved to CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad  in the year 2008, at IICT , developed novel rechargeable Magnesium-ion and Aluminium-ion battery with modified graphite electrode and ionic liquid electrolyte. Published  20 research articles in international journals, one  research paper was cited in  ‘ Nature’.  Applied for one patent , title “ . A Novel rechargeable magnesium battery with fluorinated graphite cathode and ionic liquid based  gelatinized electrolyte”.