Malothu Ramulu
Dr. Malothu Ramulu was born on July 10, 1973, in Ullepalli, Maripeda Mandal, Warangal District, TS, INDIA. My education and experience have provided me with valuable insights into the technical aspects needed to work in my field. I believe my interdisciplinary field of professional and educational background enables me to make a strong contribution because I studied subjects related to Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering. I have working experience of experimental testing, mechanical design, FEM analysis, modeling & simulation and software development. Throughout my studies, I was profoundly trained in materials evaluation & testing, mathematics, statistics, programming languages, experimental studies and models. I am eager to learn, to contribute and to complement my knowledge with different disciplines, and the knowledge of recognized scientists that collaborate in future endeavour. Help others without expecting anything, but do research with expecting more reliable results and impart training indeed. Never underestimate anybody but strongly believe in digesting other’s fame. Praise and criticize are two sides of the same coin, praise will help in boasting wrong directions and constructively criticize will help in thinking the right directions.