Dr. B. Satyavathi

Dr. B. Satyavathi is a Chemical Engineer from the College of Technology, Osmania University, Hyderabad, presently working as a Senior Principal Scientist and the Co-chair of the Process Engineering and Technology Transfer department of CSIR-IICT. She has immense expertise in process development and design of various specialty chemicals, fine chemicals, API’s and perfumeries which has led her along with the team to deliver indigenous technologies for several import substituted compounds. The team has spearheaded the technology transfer projects and has delivered over 10 technologies to different Indian industries. The productive research has resulted in commercial plants of para-tert butyl toluene and para-tert butyl benzoic acid with 4000 MT/year and 3000 MT/year capacities running successfully on patented technology of CSIR-IICT for which the team received the prestigious ‘CSIR- Technology award’ in 2018.

Further, in the past few years sustainable technologies have been developed for several import substitutes namely para-tert butyl methyl benzoate, para methoxy acetophenone, para methoxy phenyl acetic acid, Avobenzone, Acetaminophen, Lily aldehyde, Dibromomethane, Furfuryl alcohol and Furoic acid to Indian chemical industries. Another fundamental expertize of Dr. Satyavathi includes physico-chemical, phase equilibrium, thermal and transport property measurement and estimations for new chemicals and relevant industrial streams that are highly essential for the design of commercial plants. The data generated at the property estimation laboratory is substantiated thermodynamically and incorporated in various software databases through NIST-TRC, USA.

Also, Dr. Satyavathi has developed translational technologies for biomass conversions and sustainable valorizations of waste agricultural residues for value added products. The range of technologies that has been developed include conversion of non-edible oils to biodiesel, gasification of de-oiled karanja seed cake to syngas, utilization of engineered biochar as target specific biosorbents for removal of synthetic organic contaminants and pyrolytic bio-oil as suitable herbal carriers which have been extensively researched upon through grant in aid research projects.

Apart from process development activities for different import substitutes, currently her research also focusses on green intensified engineering interventions for waste conversion technologies for production of renewable platform chemicals and abatement of environmental pollution in collaboration with different MSME’s to bring forth the novel technologies in the industrial forefront. The research contributions of Dr. Satyavathi further comprises of process intensification strategies for various industrial troubleshoots through numerous extractive distillation and reactive extraction routes including energy saving alternative schemes. She has authored over 70 publications in well-known International journals and has five patents to her credit. Further, she has successfully guided 10 PhD students along with 50 M.Tech and 200 B.Tech students over the past two decades.