S. Anand Kumar
S Anand Kumar was born on MARCH 23,1966 in Hyderabad. As a Mechanical Engineer I started my carrier in M/s Alflow Glass Equipments Ltd as a Development Engineer, wherein I learnt and implemented in design of various types of Flow Meters along with transmitters and accessories from 1988 to 1990. From 1990 to 1991 I initiated to start manufacturing of PTFE Industrial Products at cherlapalli, due to personal problems it stalled at the initial stage. I started my carrier at IICT as Project Assistant from August 1991 to Dec 1994 under OU HRD scheme and afterwards as Project Assistant Under IICT upto September 1998. I am involved in the design of Various equipments like silencers, furnaces, pressure vessels, detailed engineering of chemical process plants along with preparation of instrument specs, also involved in the development of plant engineering softwares and also developed iict club election software and implemented successfully.