Dr. Linga Banoth

Dr. Linga Banoth was born and raised in Neelikurthy, Maripeda, Telangana. He obtained
Bachelor in Pharmacy in 2006 from University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kakatiya
University, Warangal, Telangana. He completed his M.Tech. in Pharmaceutical Technology
(Biotechnology) from NIPER SAS Nagar, Mohali in 2008. He was awarded with DBT-JRF & SRF in
2008 and subsequently enrolled for PhD under supervision of Prof. Dr. U C Banerjee, NIPER
Mohali. He received a doctorate degree in 2013 and then he moved to industry as Assistant
Manager at Wanbury Limited. In Jan 2015 he joined as Deputy Manager, API-R&D Biocatalysis,
in Cipla Limited and worked at both Bangalore and Mumbai units of Cipla. He was awarded with
API R&D innovation award and Above and Beyond award from Cipla wards for research in India
for his outstanding contribution. He was also awarded with young scientist international travel
grant award from (CSIR and DBT India) and also got CSIR Nehru post doc fellowship.

In January 2019, he started his independent research career after joining CSIR-Indian Institute
of Chemical Technology (IICT) Hyderabad as a scientist. Dr. Linga Banoth’s research interest is
focused on process development and new chemo enzymatic synthesis of enantiopure active
pharmaceutical ingredients using versatile enzymes viz., Lipases, Proteases, Acylases, nitrilases,
Transaminases, KRED and Enereductases etc.