Dr. Sri Rama Murthy Akondi

Dr. Sri Rama Murthy Akondi, born in 1986, completed all his primary and higher education in Kakinada (East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh). He was recruited by Dr. Reddy's laboratories and worked in discovery research centre for about one and half year. Later he qualified for CSIR-JRF and joined CSIR-IICT (2010) for a Ph. D programme under the guidance of Dr. S. Chandrasekhar. During his Ph.D, he worked on the synthesis of the most complex man made drug molecule eribulin mesylate. After completing his Ph. D (2015), he moved to USA for a post doctoral position with Prof. Lanny S Liebeskind (2015-2018). During his postdoc, he developed a new organo diselenide catalyst for the aerobic redox dehydration reactions. He joined CSIR-IICT as Scientist C in 2019 and started working in OSPC division. He is currently working on visible light driven photoredox chemistry and synthesis of bioactive molecules.