Dr Andugulapati Sai Balagi

Dr. Sai Balaji Andugulapati’s group is mainly focused on cancer and cancer associated disorders.  Briefly, finding a cure for cancer has been an overwhelming prospect for both physicians and scientists. Heterogeneity within the tumors and mutational landscape of cancer are the major obstacles for the efficient treatment. Despite availability of advanced treatment options and therapies that target specific mutations, the biggest road-block has been the prediction of accurate biological response to these treatments. This inherent variability of cancer lends itself to the growing field of precision and personalized medicine. Cancer tissue variability and acquired drug resistance causing the failure of the therapies. Therefore, it is important to deliver the right combination of therapies (patient-specific) that kill cancer cells with high efficacy. Our group is focused culturing primary cancer organoids/spheres/precision cut cultures to mimic the real invivo scenario and enable to identify the targets.

Lung inflammation/infections are more prone to lethality, considering the several pandemics, including COVID-19, majority of the viral or bacterial infections causes inflammation/injury in lungs and leads to long term effects such as pulmonary fibrosis. We have developed various invitro and invivo models to understand the viral/bacterial mediated lung inflammation and preventive/therapeutic measures to mitigate the infection.