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The following candidates have been provisionally selected through Walk-in-interview held on 08th April, 2024 against IICT Notification No. 05/2024 for the project positions mentioned against their names:

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Job Description
The following candidates have been provisionally selected through Walk-in-interview held on 05th April, 2024 against IICT Notification No. 05/2024 for the project positions mentioned against their names:

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# Description Division Upload On Close Date
1 PUR/IICT/DMS/2117/23-24-
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1. Biopolymer composites with waste chicken feather fillers: A review

Authors: H. Dutta , D. Bora , P. Chetia , C. Bharadwaj , R. Purbey , R.C. Bohra , K. Dutta , A. Varada Rajulu , E.R. Sadiku , S. Periyar Selvam , P. Gurusamy , Ravindra K. Rawal , Jayaramudu

Journal: Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Year: 2024 |

2. Insight into the role of metal support interface on shape dependent MnO2 support through the synergistic effect between Ag and MnO2 for the total oxidation of propane

Authors: Vijayanand Perupogu , Rajesh Rajendiran , Putrakumar Balla , Prem Kumar Seelam , Assa Aravindh , Sungtak Kim , Srinivasa Rao Pinapati , Lingaiah Nakka

Journal: Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

Year: 2024 |

3. Stereo and regioselective addition of N-heterocycles on internal alkynes through Csingle bondN bond formations

Authors: Nagaraj Sabarinathan , Ganesh Udari , B. Sridhar , Surya Prakash Singh

Journal: Tetrahedron Letters

Year: 2024 |

Admission Notice , August - 2024 Session
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Reopening of Nominations for National Geoscience Awards – 2023
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CSIR-IICT is committed to work with interested industries on Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) for harmonious and sustainable development of society through Research & Development and deployment of technologies. The following are the areas for collaboration:

1. Healthcare
2. Energy & Environmental Sustainability
3. Food & Nutrition
4. Materials
5. Speciality Chemicals
6. Fluoro & Agro chemicals
7. Capacity Building

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Dr. D Shailaja
Chief Scientist & Chair, Business Development & Research Management Division
Phone: +91-040-27193992

The skill India program at CSIR-IICT aims to create opportunities, space, and scope for the development of the talents of the Indian youth and to develop more of those sectors which provide employment and entrepreneurship. The training programs would be on the lines of international level so that the youths of our country can not only meet the domestic demands but also of other countries like USA, Japan, Germany etc., The idea is to raise confidence, improve productivity, providing direction through a balanced growth in all the sectors so that all jobs should be given equal importance.

Today our current curriculum is 80 per cent theory and 20 percent practical. There is no scope for skill development. “A chemistry graduate, for example, can explain in 15 steps on paper how to purify and characterize a chemical entity, but may have never done it physically.” There is a clear mismatch of supply and demand of skilled people due to lack of technical and soft skills.

CSIR-IICT strongly believes that practical training cannot happen within closed doors. It is trying its best to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Today CSIR-IICT encourage innovation in ideas to support entrepreneurship, creating more platforms for knowledge sharing for the youth (on both technical and soft skills), encourage students to participate in skill competitions across the country/world and make a mark for themselves.

Under CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative, CSIR-IICT is conducting various Skill Development Training Programmes to cater the needs of the students getting better capability building and job prospects at various chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

# Course Title Tentative Dates Eligibility Batch Size Status
1 Upskilling of Post-Graduates from Indrashil University Feb – May 2023 M.Sc (Science) 20 Completed
2 Digital workshop on Scientific & Patent Writing (Duration: 1 week) April 2023 Postgraduates / Ph.D / Academic Faculty 500 Completed
3 Certificate Course in Basic Bioinformatics & Cheminformatics (Duration : 2 weeks) April - May 2023 B.Sc (Life Sciences/ Chemical Sciences) 30 Completed
4 Certificate Course in Basic Bioinformatics & Cheminformatics (Duration : 2 weeks) June - May 2023 B.Sc (Life Sciences/ Chemical Sciences 30 In Pipeline
5 Finishing School on Advanced Synthetic Organic Chemistry June – Aug 2023 M.Sc (Chemistry) 30 In Pipeline
6 Process Plant Drafting using AutoCAD (Duration : 4 Weeks) July – Aug 2023 Diploma/ B.Tech/ M.Tech in Mechanical & Chemical Engg. 30 In Pipeline
7 Operation of Chemical Reactors & Separation Process Equipment July – Aug 2023 Diploma/ B.Tech/ M.Tech in Mechanical/ Chemical Engg and B.Sc/ M.Sc in Industrial Chemistry 15 In Pipeline
8 Animal Cell Culture Techniques (Duration : 6 Weeks) Sep – Nov 2023 M.Sc (Life Sciences/ Biological Sciences) 30 In Pipeline
9 Lab Technician – R & D (Duration : 4 Weeks) Nov – Dec 2023 10+2 (Science) / ITI – Chemical Plant Operator 20 In Pipeline
10 Advanced Synthetic Organic Chemistry (Duration : 4 Weeks) Jan – Feb 2024 M.Sc (Chemistry) 20 In Pipeline
11 Analytical Techniques in Food and Nutritional Chemistry (Duration : 2 Weeks) Feb - Mar 2024 B.Sc (Food Chemistry/ Nutritional Chemistry) 30 In Pipeline
12 Water Purification & Analysis (Duration : 4 Weeks) April 2023 – March 2024 Diploma/ B.Tech / M.Tech (Chemical Engg) 20 Ongoing

Dr. B. China Raju
Nodal Officer – Skill Development
CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Uppal Road, Tarnaka, Hyderabad – 500007
Phone: +91-40-27193992 ; Fax: 040-27160387

Full Contact Details

Indian Institute of Chemical Technology

Uppal Road, Tarnaka

Hyderabad, 500007, TS, India