Dr. Debendra Kumar Mohapatra
Chief Scientist
Safety Cell


Sri. C. Sudhakar
Principal Technical Officer
Safety Cell
+91-040-27191298, +91-040-27191296


Sri. Sunil Kumar
Technical Officer
Safety Cell


On this Day, I solemnly affirm that I will rededicate myself to the cause of safety, health, and protection of the environment, will do my best to observe rules, regulations, procedures and develop attitudes and habits conducive for achieving these objectives.

I fully realise that accidents and occupational diseases are a drain on the national economy and may lead to disablements deaths, harm to health, damage to property, social suffering, and general degradation of the environment.

I will do everything possible for the prevention of accidents, occupational diseases, and protection of the environment in the interest of self, family, organization, community, and the nation at large.

1. Good ventilation in place of work
2. Fire extinguisher in workplace vicinity
3. Safety shower and eyewash near the workplace
4. All chemicals/equipment/ instruments are labelled.
5. Chemicals away from the source of fire
6. Fume cupboards are used for chemical reactions
7. Inform authorities about your working at odd hours
8. Secured compressed gas cylinders and clear labels
9. Leak detectors for poisonous; cases
10. Careful handling of chemical glassware

1. Leaving experiments unattended
2. Smoking at workplace
3. Work alone odd hours (nights)
4. Disposing of hazardous chemicals and solvents in sinks
5. Store chemicals in unauthorized places

1. Safety culture amongst your colleagues.
2. Communications to superiors about your hazardous process work
3. Preparation of hazardous operation procedures

1. Free escape routes during emergencies.
2. Telephone numbers of safety persons
3. Chemical Safety Data Sheets

1. Pull the fire alarm immediately.
2. Alert the fire station and medical staff & Inform the Safety Cell In-charge. Commission the fire extinguisher located in the immediate vicinity. Try to provide help to those trapped.
3. Make a preliminary investigation before help arrives.

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In case of safety issues , please get in touch with chair safety / safety officer.

Safety Cell
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