1. Development of rechargeable Mg Ion battery chemistry for powering defence ground applications

2. Development of VK 2 glue

3. Development of liquid electrolyte for rechargeable Al-Ion battery

4. Development of a hybrid coting on steel strip for ready to paint

5. Preparation of ortho-chloro benzonitrile by ammoxidation of ortho-chloro toluene

6. Process development of Glufosinate

7. Process Development and Basic Design Report (BDR) for 1 ton/day of Furfural alcohol and by-products Cellulose, Lignin and Silica from Rice husk

8. Metal-peroxo Open Sites Concept-based M2(O2)(dsbdc/tsbdc) MOF Adsorbents for Light Paraffin/Olefin Separation

9. Development of Novel Mono Dimensional Shape Selective Molecular Sieves to Improve the Physical Properties and also Yield of the Lube Base Oils

10. Develop a process for making CD3NH2 (Deuterated methylamine) (“Product”) using deuterated water( D2O)

11. Process know-how for the alkylation of Quinones

12. Microbial Catalyzed reduction of CO2 to Chemicals and Fuel

13. Process Development for 40 % glyoxal and 50 % glyoxalic acid and BDR for commercial plant capacities for 20,000 TPA of glyoxal and 10,000 TPA of glyoxal acid

14. Microbial screening of transaminase enzyme for target substrate.

15. Process know-how for 2-chloro-1-(1-chlorocyclopropyl)ethan-1-one, CAS No.: 120983-72-4 (a key starting material for prothioconazole)

16. Process know-how for 2-Cl, 5-Cl-Methyl thiazole (CCMT)

17. Development of process knowhow for waste utilization technologies (a) Biomass to Bio-Char and (b) Waste plastic to Fuel Oil

18. Development of catalytic process for the preparation of isobutyro phenone and cyclohexanoyl phenone

19. Development of biomethanation process for the generation of biogas and biomanure from lignocellulosic biomass

20. Performance evaluation of Pyrolysis Plant (1.3 ton/day) for converting plastic waste to oil and Hydrogen and improving its efficiency thereon

21. Evaluation of the efficacy of test compounds against MPTP induced experimental Parkinsonism in mice

22. Process knowhow for Brinjal Fruit and shoot borer pheromone molecules

23. Process know-how for conversion of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) scrap to Dioctyl Terephthalate (DOTP) Plasticizer

24. Process development for production of pulp and paper sheet using plant-based resources for personal hygiene application.

25. Process route freezing and demonstration of the process for NaTCP @ 50 L scale.

26. Development of process know-how for preparation of carbon tetrachloride from chloroform by photo-chlorination

27. cis- selective methylation of cis M-173, and M-183 and methoxylation of M-155. (July 2022 - Jan 2023)

28. Process know-how for L-Glufosinate

29. Feasibility study for the separation and purification of Acryolyl Chloride (≥98%) employing Spinning Band Distillation Column (SBDC) along with GC analysis.

30. Isolation and characterization of saponins from Shatavari ( Asperagus recemosus)

31. Feasibility studies for TOC Removal from high TDS effluent

32. Evaluation of catalysts for Vapor phase ammoxidation and isomerization reactions

33. Evaluation of catalysts provided by AIL for development of process for preparation of suggested benzotrifluorides and study of Balz- Schiemann reaction for preparation of suggested fluorobenzene derivatives

34. Structural confirmation and impurity profile of Pyrazole group intermediate (agrochemical intermediate).

35. Design of High rate biomethanation technology for the generation of biogas & bio-manure from food waste & market vegetable waste” for 250 kg/day capacity using AGR Technology

36. Development of a process for vinylidene fluoride (24937-79-9)

37. Process feasibility for Synthesis of Trichloroacetyl Chloride (TCAC) and further development of the process by selected ROS

38. Assessing the effect of test compounds in Stelic mice model (STAM) samples using gene expression, western-blot and IHC techniques

39. Assessing the effect of test compounds in Thioacetamide induced liver fibrosis model samples using gene expression, western-blot and IHC techniques

40. Development of process for alkaline ionized water unit and installation of membrane based water treatment plants

41. Process for Clay-catalyzed Thermal Polymerization of Soya Fatty Acids to Dimer acids

42. Exploratory studies for the enrichment of fatty acid content and reduction of unsap in fatty acid distillates of Soybean Oil

43. Exploration of Different Organic Solvents for the Isolation and Refining of Rice Bran Wax from Crude Rice Bran Wax

44. Preparation and characterization of Pyroxasulfone agrochemical

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